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As a classroom teacher, Jen has successfully supported hundreds of young people through GCSE Music courses, teaching across the range of exam boards

We discuss:


Performance development

Creative Composition

Use of Technology to enhance ideas

Music Theory

Set Works

Building Confidence

Careers in Music and future pathways

Covering GCSE Exam Boards:



Pearson Edexcel




Musician A

Year 11 Student,

Currently Studying Eduqas GCSE Music

Was less confident with:

Listening to and picking out instruments, elements of theatre and film music.

How has tutoring helped?:

I am now much more confident in picking out instruments in all genres of music and have a good knowledge of AO2 and AO3.  I also feel more confident in answering theory-based questions (time signatures, intervals etc).

Impact of tutoring:

I managed to achieve a grade 9 in my GCSE Music mock in December 2020 and feel a lot more confident in my theme and variation composition.

Musician B

Year 12 Student

Currently Studying the Music Vocational Course

Was less confident with:

Showing my songs to people.


How has tutoring helped?:

I am now more confident about sharing my songs.  Working together has helped me a lot with my songwriting and with my music theory knowledge.

Impact of tutoring:

Helped improve my GCSE Music results and composition work.

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