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The Creative Educator - Interviews


Ashley Allen


The Forever Journey

Ashley Allen is a pianist, piano teacher, lecturer, composer and now signed artist. Hailing from Birmingham in the West Midlands, UK, Ashley has recently been signed to A.MA Records after putting out his independent album Sublime, in December 2020.  Sublime is available on all major streaming services and at The Creative Educator, we regularly listen on Apple Music.

Kings (The Epilouge)Ashley Allen
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Nancy Evans


Playing with Sound

Nancy Evans is the Director of Learning at Birmingham Contemporary Music Group, a Midlands based music ensemble that brings new music to audiences, school children and community groups.  Nancy joined The Creative to discuss music education, big band jazz and dream composition projects.

Darrell Wakelam


The Kid Who Can Draw

Darrell Wakelam is a 3D artist, teacher and trainer.  I initially came across Darrell’s free artwork offering on twitter during the first UK national lockdown in 2020 and was so excited about the quality of the model making and the way that his suggested designs could be made by young children.  Seeing my own family members and close friends managing childcare whilst working from home, the ideas jumped out as something that slightly older children could do independently, making use of materials that they already had access to.  I had the privilege of sitting down to chat with Darrell about art, childhood and life on the Dorset coast.

Melissa Titre


A Dream In My Rucksack 

Melissa Titre is an entrepreneur and author of My Invisible Superhero Vest.  Melissa is an early years specialist and works as an early years Improvement Officer in London, England.  Melissa set up the Design A Party Greater London service in 2020, adapting and expanding her company in response to the 2020 Covid-19 lockdowns.

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Why Wouldn’t You Be Moving?! 

Professional conductor, horn player, lecturer, musical director and PhD student Dwight Pile-Gray is a champion for diversity in classical music.  


We spoke to Dwight about where his passion for music began and where he draws inspiration for his musical life and career.

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Interview Coming Soon

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