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The January Challenge 2021

In mid-December of 2020 I stumbled across the January Challenge and thought it would be a positive way to support students in starting the year, returning to school for the new term, mid-pandemic. A little more research into the challenge showed that this was something that adults and children alike could benefit from, so I decided to give it a go myself.

New Year 2021
Happy New Year - January Challenge

Waking up on 1st January to Yomi Adegoke’s Time Capsule challenge immediately gave me an opportunity to pause and refocus on some positives during a time of uncertainty and upheaval for the nation. Though I’m not one for New Year’s resolutions, this challenge allowed me to consider what to leave behind in 2020 and what to take forward into the year ahead.

I’m anticipating the 30 days of creative challenges that are ahead of me, and can’t wait to see the impact of the challenges on my students.

You can keep up to speed with the challenge here.



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