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Sharing Session on Diversifying the Music Education Workforce

Planning your Curriculum and Programme

School Curriculum

  • Meeting the needs of learners

  • Accessible to all

  • Stretch and challenge

  • Instrumental Teaching Team

  • Prepares learners for further study of music

  • Diverse musics taught and explored

  • Diverse performance programme

Arts Programme

  • Family and community?

  • Student voice?


The Little Guide for Teachers

Diversity In Schools

Bennie Kara

Wall Displays: Posters

Nate Holder

Books with musical protagonists of colour

Nate Holder; Dr Ellen Ochoo;

Katheryn Russel-Brown

The Black Maestro Podcast

Dwight Pile-Gray

Working Effectively in Partnership


  1. Expertise

  2. Raising Aspirations

  3. Delivering New Experiences

Final Thoughts

  1. Who is sitting in front of me and what music are they bringing?

  2. Do our performances reflect our young people’s interests?

  3. When composing, do students bring their own style to the creative process?



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