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Gathering Copying Data During the Festive Season

Gathering Copying Data During the Festive Season

Well, I don’t know about for you, but for me it’s been a busy old term. Digesting the National Plan (NPME2), considering whether and how we might make use of the Model Music Curriculum (MMC - yes, remember that?!) And similarly to teachers of all disciplines up and down the country, reviewing the curriculum to ensure learning is adequately sequenced.

Tasked with festive concerts, getting clubs back up and running after some significant disruption over the past 2 years and getting to know new classes – this seems like a good opportunity to pause and check in with our copying data as a department.

Gathering data from our instrumental teaching team and class teachers provides a good opportunity to look at the broad range of repertoire covered by students since September. It’s not only good for ensuring that composers and songwriters receive an equitable payment for their creativity and time, but also in my opinion, refocuses teachers to thinking about planning and progression of students across the year.

We have a departmental spreadsheet populated with the main information that PMLL require for making those equitable payments, and teachers have the term to record their copying data on the working document.

Myself or our administrator are then able to copy this information into the Every Copy Counts portal, and although it takes a little bit of time, it definitely becomes a seamless process once you get into your rhythm.


  • Having an up-to-date overview on the repertoire delivered across the department

  • Spotting opportunities for collaboration between instrumental disciplines

  • Reflection and planning time for instrumental teachers

  • Equitable payments for composers and songwriters

If you’d like to know more about Every Copy Counts and logging your copying data, get in touch with the team. They have templates that you can use within your music team and access to a suite of original teaching resources, accessible to everyone who logs just one line of copying data.



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