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Composing Starting Points for year 9 Music

It’s always great to have access to new creative ideas for the classroom that focus on the work of contemporary artists who can help to influence our young people’s music-making. I’m always keen to pick up new ideas that really work in the music room, engaging my students and encouraging them to step out on their own unique creative journeys.

Composing Starting Points for year 9 Music

You may have heard by now about Every Copy Counts, a campaign run on behalf of Printed Music Licensing Ltd (PMLL) to raise awareness of the need to make equitable payments to composers and songwriters for the use of their work.

One of the fantastic things to have come from year one of Every Copy Counts, is the teacher network and the suite of free resources for curriculum music lessons.

Having logged our departmental copying data throughout the year, we were able to access all resources and made use of Andy McClean’s Sonic Branding scheme of work.

We tried this out with year 9 classes. With a focus on music technology and media, the opportunity to introduce composing at entry level and scope for stretching the most able musicians, this resource was a huge success with our students.

What do the students enjoy about the Sonic Branding resource?

  • Having an introduction to music technology and media

  • Use of relatable material and starting points

  • Contextualised musical learning

  • Freedom to compose creatively

  • Real-life links to music careers

Benefits of logging your copying data:

  • Equitable payments for composers and songwriters

  • Access to a suite of original teaching resources, suitable for learners at key stages 2, 3 & 4

  • Resources that generalist primary teachers can pick up and use with ease!

If you’d like to access the suite of free resources from Every Copy Counts’ Teacher Studio team, log your copying data via the ECC Portal and unlock access to free creative support for your students. Visit the website to find out more!



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