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Book Review - Bennie Kara, Diversity in Schools

A Little Guide for Teachers: Diversity in Schools

Author – Bennie Kara Publisher – Corwin

After closing the cover on a relaxed day of digesting this little guide, I’m left with such a feeling of positivity. Bennie Kara’s depth of knowledge on the topic of diversity emanates throughout this book along with a very clear sense of the personal nature and importance of the subject matter in her journey as an educator.

Seven chapters lead the reader through the language of diversity in schools allowing you to check in with yourself on your personal teaching practice, your current choice and use of words and your actions. The author encourages reflection on our privileges as educators, signposting sources of help in developing teaching practice and creating a diverse environment and curriculum for all learners.

The Little Guide for Teachers covers Race and Ethnicity, Disability, LGBT(QIA)+, Neurodiversity and Gender. Punctuated with illustrative quotes along the way, practical tips, case studies, pro formas and check lists, this Little Guide to Diversity is the perfect toolkit for those who may be new to addressing diversity in schools, or equally those who are building on prior knowledge. A strength of the Little Guide for Teachers: Diversity in Schools is its ability to gently encourage personal reflection, uncovering where at times we may unassumingly make mistakes or demonstrate a lack of awareness. This book supports teachers to work with honesty in navigating diversity in the school and is an essential read for all educators, in my opinion.

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