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This is an opportunity to share two great projects that my students and team were a part of some time ago.



Why share this, now?

As a young music teacher these projects helped to further refine my perspective on great classroom delivery of music and ever since, we’ve tried to create similar opportunities for students to work with outstanding professional musicians in the school setting.

Banded About

This project took place back in 2009 and saw students from across the West Midlands working together with composers and performers from the city to develop their own group compositions for the launch of the Birmingham Music Hub.


Read the Banded About Report

Watch River Rea Films - Banded About ‘the first year’ 

Listen Imagine Compose

This project continues to provide young composers in the secondary school the opportunity to work creatively with their class teachers on developing their compositional skills.  In its original iteration, I was lucky enough to work with a professional composer and university Professor to chart and track the compositional processes of our students.


Read the original Report here, and find out more in our upcoming Blog.

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